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Do you ever get frustrated because you cannot find the right person to do the small job that you have in the time frame that you need? Well "Handy Hands" is the solution to this issue.

I am a one-person business that was developed because there were just too many people who did not know where to turn for help to get these jobs done. I can paint a wall or ceiling, change a light switch or light fixture, fix a leaky faucet or replace one. Do you need your house power washed after pollen season? A garden fence set up, have bushes that need trimming or a small tree cut down and taken away? I can also assist with computer set up or to help make one run better, including printer installation. I also can assist with transportation needs such as a ride to the doctors or store. I can wait or come back later to pick you up. Do you need help moving? I can do that also…Do you need an item taken to the dump…? If you have any of these needs please call  (603) 321-6911 and talk with Dave.

Handy Hands wants to talk about License and non-license cost for end of line service. I was at a customer’s house looking at a ceiling repair job caused by a leaking wax seal under the toilet. I asked the customer about cost to repair the wax ring by a licensed plumber and I was informed that the cost was $360.00 dollars to replace the wax seal. $90.00 just to show up to look at the job and then $260.00 to install the $10.00 wax ring for a total of $360.00. I was then asked about what I would charge for doing the same job and I informed the customer that I would charge about $70.00 to do the same job including the wax ring. I was informed by the customer that they would call me next time. I was at another job looking at water damage in a ceiling caused by a leaking wax ring and was informed that a plumber had recently changed the wax ring. When I went to investigate repairing the leak I found that the wax ring was installed upside down, I replaced the wax ring and repaired the ceiling to customer satisfaction. So bottom line is, if it is end of line service you need you do not need to hire a license person and you can avoid excessive cost… Dave

  • Install Ceiling Fans

    We can install / replace ceiling fans & lighting fixtures safely and efficiently.

  • Replace Fixtures

    We can install / replace plumbing fixtures toilets, garbage disposals, etc..


Got a honey-do list that doesn't seem to get any shorter, contact me today and start chipping away at all those home projects?

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